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We strongly believe a 21'st century company needs technical solutions to business problems, not business solutions to technical problems. We architect, develop and implement the high-end custom systems your next innovation needs.


Traceability - Timisoara - Romania


The traceability concept refers to the ability to verify transparently the method and exact conditions in which any delivered product or service was handled inside the company.

The ability of a company to know in real time in what stage a product or service is, combined with the possibility to be able to trace the exact conditions in which it was delivered, rises the level of quality, efficiency and transparency it can offer.

Whether it’s traceability in production, manufacturing or services, we architect, develop and implement the optimum solution for your processes.

Decision Support Systems

The term “Business Intelligence”, was so often misused in the IT space, to describe only reports or reporting tools, that it has lost its meaning.

We design and implement systems to support you into making informed decisions. We deliver the information you need, when you need it, in the format most intuitive and useful for you. In implementing this kind of system, the analysis and design are crucial for achieving the wanted result, the tools are just a way to achieve the goal.

Whether your purpose is to have a panel with real time performance indicators directly on the production line, a dashboard with sales and margin on your mobile phone when you are on the road, or a multidimensional data cube for analysts, the important thing is to make sure that you have a partner that has the ability to maximize the usefulness of a project like this. Strategy rarely depends on the tools you use.
Business Intelligence - Timisoara - Romania
Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain

Until the possibility of teleportation, the supply chain remains as vital to a company as blood stream is for us humans. We implement warehouse management custom software, expert systems for purchasing and forecasting, delivery and transport planning, designed and developed on your specific processes.

In warehouse logistics we find optimum solutions together with you, using innovating methodologies and concepts for process measuring and design. We use RTLS systems to perform forklifts and/or personnel real time analysis. This way we manage to generate heat-maps, routes and mileage. All this on your current process, before concluding what is the optimum process.

We design solutions for your specific storage processes, from receiving to picking, developing pick-to-voice solutions, put-to-light and even using our proprietary devices.

To find out more about RTLS systems and other innovative technologies we use to maximize the logistics activities efficiency, click here.

Expert Planning Systems

This type of system comes to help the expert (in this case, the planner), with the purpose to make its activity more efficient. Planning experts are usually hard to find and it is best that they focus on problems that need resolving rather than utilize their knowledge in repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

We design, develop and implement expert systems for air transport planning and production, fields in which the planning rules are complex, numerous and often changing.

Using engines that we specifically designed with this purpose combined with ranking and genetic algorithms, we reach, together with your company experts, a high degree of automation in planning tasks. We thus redirect the planner’s effort towards exceptions in planning that truly require his expertise and skill.
Expert planning systems - Timisoara - Romania
Sales, Customer Relationship Maganement - Timisoara - Romania

Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Price Policies

A famous sales trainer said: „If you don't care for your customers, don’t worry, your competitors will.”
The quote quickly became famous. This happened not only due to the irony, but because every company knows that customer retention rates most of the times reveal the long term sustainability of the business model.

As competition gets intense the market matures. By then, competitive advantages must be increasingly ingenious in order to sustain growth. We design, develop and implement controlled flexibility of the price policy, configurable promotion engines, customer relationship management systems, specifically for your line of business, automation for invoicing and real time mobile tracking of information.

Together we can find the optimum compromise between compliance of the sales processes and the efficiency of the sales team.

Multi-Level Marketing

In the last 20 years it was predicted many times that multi-level marketing systems will not be successful anymore. Each time the giants Oriflame or Avon had a slight drop in sales, the echo was deafening. The market trends for the last years indicate that the statistics do not lie: there will always be people who wish to start their own business and reach the success this business model offers. Direct sales through the MLM format is a stable and consolidated sales channel, which adapts successfully to present times.

We can attack from the start the complete flow of processes for this business vertical. We begin with the implementation of dynamic compensation plans, we continue with customer relationship management, online and call center sales, ultra-customized promotion engines, and we finalize with warehouse and delivery management processes. The synergy of a single platform that meets all the needs of a business vertical is your competitive advantage on a hyperactive market.
Multi Level Marketing  - Timisoara - Romania
Highly Transactional Web Platforms - Timisoara - Romania

Highly Transactional Web Platforms

Every company’s online activity starts with a presentation site. Slow but sure, as we are heading more and more towards the virtual, the company starts an online shop in the Business to Consumer (B2C) model, or a website for partners in the Business to Business (B2B) model.

As the company grows, online activity grows along with it. Meanwhile, online needs diversify, traffic grows, transactions are intensifying and the site (once small and cute, who affectionately served the company in its childhood) transforms into a little monster who bites his customers hands, generates more and more errors and crashes exactly in the peak of the season.

We design, develop and implement B2C and B2B web platforms that serve millions of transactions daily, at a high level of performance, stability and security. The end result that we deliver is a web platform that looks good, behaves as you wish and is prepared to change along with your needs.

Machine Integration

Starting with the industrial revolution from the 19th century, humans managed to create machines to ease and optimize daily activities. Most of the times, machines today achieve their goals years in a row or even decades. In order to reach maximum productivity and quality, it is necessary that machines communicate with other machines and with business systems. Machine integration is the field that has to convince machines to become sociable and talkative.

We use a wide range of technologies, which help us find innovative solutions for industrial automation. We validate, test and implement the agreed solution using specific risk management methodologies. This final step of the industrial revolution, machines that communicate, turns out to be high-impact, with huge added value in today's business processes.
Machine Integration - Timisoara - Romania
Integration and Middleware Systems - Timisoara - Romania

Integration and Middleware Systems

In the information age, it is not enough that an application or a system does its job well. Like a machine that doesn’t communicate, an business system that doesn’t completely integrate in your company’s software ecosystem will just be… cute. The added value a software brings to the company is directly proportional with its informational synergy.

In order to evaluate the integration capacity of a system, it is not enough anymore just knowing if the integration functionality exists or not. The frequency, the volume, speed, architecture, the possibility of future expanding, as well as the technologies used for integration, all play a crucial part in your capacity as a business to benefit from the information managed in that system.

In time we designed, developed and implemented custom integrations with systems ranging from Microsoft Dynamics to SAP, banking systems and a plurality of other third-party systems. No matter if the communicated data volume is measured in kilobytes or terabytes, we make sure that the implemented integration flow is complete and correct.

We bring know-how and efficient solutions in order to integrate our systems in your company’s ecosystem and we don't stop here. If needed, we create middleware systems in which we post-process, validate and trade information between any other existing systems, to make sure that the information is correct and in your control. We also implement integrations for your existing systems and we make sure that information goes where it is supposed to, on time, in full.


RTLS Technologies

The Real Time Location Systems that we implement allow localization and tracking of the mobile assets that matter to you.

The GPS systems enable the localization of an object only outdoors with a margin of error between 3 and 50 meters. RTLS enables localization of an object indoor and outdoor, with an accuracy of 10 cm, using a tag the size of a coin.

The investments in RTLS systems are often strategic. The most frequent uses are Work in Progress (WIP) tracking, important asset tracking, quick retrieval of employees in high risk environment (such as naval platforms or mines) or patient and medical personnel tracking. Other applications can be tracking forklifts in a warehouse or clients in a retail store.

Having these information in real time, the RTLS system communicates to the personnel and other warning systems, sends notifications or automatically activates connected processes.
RTLS Technologies - Timisoara - Romania
Auto ID - Timisoara - Romania

Auto-ID Equipment

RFID and barcode equipment are widely known under the term Auto-ID umbrella. The types of equipment most frequently used in projects are scanners, handheld computers and barcode printers. Using our strategic partnerships with leading companies from the Auto-ID industry, we can find the optimum solution for each project, with minimum time and effort.

Andon Systems and Devices

Andon, or „アンドン” in Japanese, is a system used to notify management, maintenance personnel, and other parts involved, of a quality issue in the production or manufacturing process.

From a technical point of view, the implementation consists in one or more visual and/or audible signal panels, combined with a series of call buttons placed at the workstations. In our systems we expanded the usablity. We also include notifications for supplying or clearing the workstation, response time transparency, and email or SMS escalation.

We optimized both the implementation time and the applicability of these systems. Our implementation methodology enables us to finalize a low complexity Andon project of in less than a week.
Andon systems and devices - Timisoara - Romania
Special labels - Timisoara - Romania

Special Labels

The correct marking of the product is most of the times crucial in order to assure traceability and process tracking.

We find optimum labeling solutions for the most various applications, from resistance to temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius, adhesion (to hot metal, concrete or even objects with separation substance on the outside) to exposures of the label to attacking substances (Xylene, acetic acid, Toluene, etc.) or even special shapes, markings and colors of the label.

Custom Hardware

When the necessary hardware for the next innovation you need doesn’t exist, we design and manufacture it. The experience in industrial automation and innovative processes proved us that in many times the device you need doesn’t exist.

Our specialists ignore the phrase “it's impossible” in both hardware and software challenges.
Custom Hardware - Timisoara - Romania
Internet of Things (IoT) - Timisoara - Romania

Internet of Things (IoT) - Asgard Systems

The IoT concept is based on the fact that all machineries, cars and electronic devices will be able to connect to the Internet. Technically speaking, IoT is implemented using industrial automation concepts and cloud computing technologies.

An obvious example of an enterprise IoT project is the development of hardware and software needed to integrate with factory machinery in order to automatically centralize information from it and making real time decisions.

A Gartner study estimates that by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices connected to a network or the Internet. In 2009 the number of devices was 0.9 billion.


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